Hello, I'm Asrar.

ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Holistic Guide

I help emotionally heightened people experience their full expression of self by healing on the deepest level there is. 


  • ​You are highly sensitive to people's emotions.

  • You feel out of place in your environment or society.

  • You often feel misunderstood by people who matter to you.

  • You experience anxiety or mental health challenges.

  • You need a reliable support system in your life.

  • You are talented/creative but feel stuck in your career.

  • You simply feel called or curious to do energy work.​


For a moment, imagine that your life and your identity are not determined by the external world around you. If you knew that you could experience any emotion or sensation in this moment, what would you choose to feel, and why?


We all have deep-rooted ideas that hold us back from experiencing freedom and emotional fulfillment in important areas of our lives. The conscious mind is only capable of witnessing the programming of the subconscious mind. Our conditioning programs could have been registered from core childhood experiences, inherited from the history of our ancestors, or from the land from which we come. Our probable life outcomes end up manifesting themselves based on past experience rather than the true possibility of the future.

I invite you to become the rightful master of your path. Free yourself from mental programs that are no longer supporting your personal fulfillment and purpose.

Hussain Sarhan


Business Development & Operations Manager


“Asrar is a really talented person. I remember when I first met her I was in a bad place in my life, she introduced me to healing and she really helped me get through hard times. I felt calm and rested after a long time of struggling with my own ideas along with overthinking and anxiety. I personally feel that Asrar is so supportive and would go the extra mile to help another fellow human.”


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