Client Confidentiality, Disclaimer, 

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Client Confidentiality


Building and maintaining trust with you is my first and highest priority.


All efforts have been made to ensure the protection of your privacy. Collection methods of your personal information include the website membership form, client booking form, one-to-one healing sessions, correspondence emails, WhatsApp text messages, and private calls.

This is always done with your consent. There is no automatic gathering

or sharing of private data with third parties under any circumstances.

You have the right to access the information collected about you, 

and may modify it or request it to be deleted at any time.


To action this, please email me at

or WhatsApp me on: +973 66747101



The healing services on this site are offered as a guide towards well-being and not as a medical or diagnostic tool. Health issues should be consulted by a qualified physician, psychiatrist, or nutritionist. Holistic healing should always be used in conjunction with medicine and not as a replacement to treat or prevent physical or mental illness.


Your attendance and participation in a healing session are wholly voluntary. By doing so, you agree to assume responsibility and liability for your own health. There are no guarantees made on this site or otherwise with regard to the results of your session.

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