• Asrar Mousli

A Letter From Love

Dear Human Being,

Know that there are always people alive who wish to support you no matter what you do. It is misleading to think otherwise on a planet such as this, where all forms of life bloom. You might not always be able to perceive it or feel it, but you are supported nonetheless.

I've told you before, I'll tell you now and will tell you until the day all words cease to exist, that I love you with all that I am, and that you are never truly alone. I am with you, in your darkest and brightest days, your joyful nights and your fearful tomorrows. I am with you in your pain and your most vulnerable moments. I am in the expressions that you make, and I love everything that you do.

I feel this for one simple reason; you are a part of me, and I reside within you, in all the beautiful and seemingly broken aspects of you.

Who you are is a blessing to me and a joy, even in your darkness, because you give me the gift of knowing myself.

Just as you are discovering and rediscovering your Self, I am doing the same.

You might not fully grasp this, but it is true. What matters is that we are always connected. You can reach out to me, and fully receive me at any time. All that is required is your presence, where ever you are.



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