• Asrar Mousli

A Letter To The Dreamer

Dear Dreamer,

You came into this world with a hypersensitive awareness to life’s details. At times, it was the cause of your suffering, but it is also the root of your intuition. You grew up with secret ideas in your mind that expanded further than what you were told, and faster than what you were actually learning.

You were treated differently because, truth be told, you were different.

But it made you feel like the outsider; the other. That one experience you still remember, introduced lonliness into your life for the first time. It was painful to feel alone. You were told you were too emotional, “too much”. That you were also naive about people’s intentions, and that society would eat you whole.

You have been abandoned by people, and you have abandoned people in turn. But all this walking away and leaving, never seperated you from your creative spirit. And despite all the skewed realities you have perceived, within and around you, you thrived because of who you are.

You may not know what your soul’s purpose truly is yet, but you trust that you will be loyal to it till the end. You believe that knowledge is a force that is complimentary to experience, and not the other way around.

Dearest Dreamer, if you are reading my words, please know that there are many of us, scattered around the planet, waiting to meet, to lift each other higher and anchor each other deeper. And until you find where you belong, we need you to keep dreaming bravely.

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