• Asrar Mousli

A Letter To You

To the Indigo and Rainbow Children, the Peacemakers and Truth-seekers of the world... Since you are reading this, chances are you're one of those, possibly even all of them, as am I. We are members of the same universal soul family, and I want you to know that you are seen and heard.

You matter. You are deeply needed here. Your gifts are precious to the world.

You work with passion and love for what you do, and a greater understanding of what you can contribute as a person with talent and as a learner in your field. You continue to grow in your skill and knowledge, but you are not defined by this. You are not valued based on the performance of your job, nor the hours you work, nor the earnings you make. You are not those things, and though they are important and wonderful, they do not make you who you are.

Who you are is how you speak to yourself and to the people you choose to surround yourself with. Who you are is what you intend in your heart for the beings you encounter, whether you like them or not. Who you are lies in your internal decisions. Even the most subtle ones, like a thought you choose to carry with you throughout the day. Who you are is the ripple you set in motion using those thoughts, the micro choices that make up your decisions, that make up your life, which is also your legacy.

I hope you remember that. I hope you know that you can ask for help with ease, and receive it in abundance, even when it doesn't seem possible from where you currently stand. Better yet, I hope you know that you can access deeper, wiser parts of yourself for guidance, and that you always have a choice in who you become.

All the Love,


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