• Asrar Mousli

A New Earth Encounter

Here's a fun story. On a solo day out to the beach, I left my stones on the shore with a few sea shells as their trusted guardians and went for a quick swim.

From a distance, I could see two of the beach's staff members taking a stroll. They found the stones on the sand, stopped, and looked at each other. It was undoubtedly a shared expression of wonder.

One of them picked up a stone and showed it to his friend, both tilting their heads to examine it closely. They put it back, picked up another one, flipped it around, returned it, and continued walking.

I was out of the water by the time they turned back. They stopped to ask if the stones were mine. When I said yes, they laughed and told me that for a second, they thought they might have stumbled upon some kind of sea treasure.

In a single moment, I witnessed two grown and serious looking men transform into curious and innocent children.

That sparkly quality of imagination, joy and possibility is exactly what New Earth means to me.

Can you envision it?

What does New Earth feel like to you?

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