• Asrar Mousli

Feelings Are Messengers

"Don't cry"

"Get your mind off it"

"It's not worth it"

"What you're feeling isn't real"

"It's all in your head"

"Just focus on... and not on..."

"Why does it matter?"

"You should...etc."

"You shouldn't...etc."

These are all forms of emotional denial. We often do this to ourselves internally to such a degree that limits us from being able to actually witness and sit with another person's emotions.

To some of us, the very idea of having feelings comes with an unconscious, deep-seated sense of shame.

We have this tacit social agreement that to feel is to be "mushy", to be weak, to lack stability, reasoning, and maybe even intelligence. Feeling is for people who don't "have their shit together". This is one of the most disabling lies we were conditioned to believe since childhood. Another lie is that we are slaves to our automatic feelings, completely powerless to choose what we feel.

Our feelings are a direct expression of our physical state of being, and vice versa. You change one, you change the other. Feelings play an essential role in the way our brain physically shapes itself in the long-term, and how our nervous system is conditioned to respond to both our internal and external environments. This creates the very fabric that drives our behavior, which builds our character.

As humans we are designed to have our emotional system function hand in hand with our physical body. They talk to each other and need each other in order to make sure that we, the awareness, can direct our attention to where it is needed most in our life.

If we choose to deny the messenger, how can we receive the message?

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