• Asrar Mousli

Experiencing A Thin Place

A thin place is where the nearness of the eternal can be sensed and experienced beyond the mind...

I was in London some time ago, and thought it would be good for me to go somewhere I've never been before. I wasn't seeking any kind of entertainment, but rather, inspiration. I needed to experience something for the first time again. I visited the neighbourhood church near my Airbnb.

It was very quiet considering its location on the street. The window structures were mesmerising. It felt like for a moment, time slowed down as I gazed at the light shining perfectly through the colorful glass. The silence, the candles in a dimly lit room, the sunlight peaking in through the tinted windows... It was all deeply peaceful. As a Muslim, I went in expecting to have a “touristic” experience, and maybe feel like an outsider to the space (even though it was completely empty). I came out feeling embraced, inspired, and touched.

Months later I stumbled upon the concept of “thin places” in the book: An Invitation to Celtic Wisdom by Carl McColman. I realized that beyond my own personal definition of what is holy, experiencing the eternal beauty of a thin place can happen at any time, sometimes in the most unexpected places.

Holy Trinity Church, Sloane St. London

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