Free Discovery Call


If you're new to energy healing, if you have questions to ask, or if you're not sure about what kind of support you need, this call is for you. We will explore the possibilities of what the healing sessions can offer you while helping you gain clarity on your next step forward.

30 minutes


ThetaHealing® Session


This is a safe space for deep healing. You will be gently guided and supported to look at important life issues with ease. We do this by allowing ourselves (practitioner and client) to elevate our awareness into a Theta Brainwave state. This gives us access to the subconscious mind, which is often closed off to us for most of our waking life.

Here, in the depth of the subconscious, are all the limiting beliefs that were created at some point in time when we needed to survive. Now, they only hold us back from thriving. Using the energy of Unconditional Love; the Creator of All That Is, we will find stored emotions and suppressed memories from the 4 levels of belief (core, genetic, history, and soul).


You will discover the key lessons from difficult situations so that you can release the energetic weight from your shoulders, and bring a healthy closure to emotional and physical pain. Intention is more powerful than our perception of time, which is not linear in its nature. This is why the energy healing will extend to you in a virtual session the same way it does in person.

1 hour

80$ / 30BHD

ThetaHealing® Packages


Focus Package

A short-term plan to address your targeted issue(s)

5 ThetaHealing® Sessions

Redeemable and valid for 3 months

5 sessions

350$ / 130BHD

Growth Package

A commitment to building a self-healing practice

10 ThetaHealing® Sessions

Redeemable and valid for 6 months

10 sessions

600$ / 230BHD

To purchase a package plan, please email me directly at: